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OEM Design & Manufacturing Centre

Together with our integrated OEM supply partner, CRRC RT (part of USD25bn group CRRC), Valenhold delivers a truly world class design and manufacturing capability tailored to producing innovative, high quality and competitively priced wheel motors and associated spare parts. Our facilities have integrated industry leading capital equipment and manufacturing processes to ensure consistency, quality and delivery cadence and has previously serviced other major OEMs in the past. With more than 20 years’ experience in producing hiqh-quality gears, wheel motors and brake components for mining trucks at scale, we are well positioned to service your needs.

Our Facilities

Our manufacturing facilities reflect the scale and ambition of our mission to deliver exceptional quality. With substantial floor space dedicated to state-of-the-art wheel motor production and testing, we are equipped to meet the needs of clients who demand the best. Our plant embodies the fusion of size, scale, and technology, ensuring each product meets rigorous standards of excellence.

Advanced Manufacturing Equipment

The backbone of our manufacturing prowess lies in our advanced equipment. Our facilities boast significant lifting capabilities, our automated testing rigs ensuring consistent quality, and our semi-autonomous production lines enhance efficiency and consistency whilst also improving our cost effectiveness. This blend of technology and automation not only increases our output but also upholds our commitment to the highest quality in every component we produce. For more detail, see below for our specific capabilities:

Rebuild and R&D Facilities

Innovating for tomorrow

Located just 15 minutes from Brisbane airport, our high-quality ISO 9001:2015 certified rebuild and R&D facility employs a range of world-class capital equipment and operates using an approach and ethos originating from the Defence space. We pride ourselves on running a safe, efficient and innovative centre which has a considerable amount of in-house capability including:

  • Multiple overhead cranes servicing all key workstations
  • Environmentally friendly laser paint and corrosion stripper
  • On-site high-quality paint booth with best-in-class extraction capability
  • Multiple automated parts washers to ensure quality, cleanliness and minimal environmental impact
  • Sophisticated laser scanning capability allowing efficient and accurate re-engineering and product enhancement/development
  • Controlled clean room environment for fitting and R&D processes

We also carry a significant pool of inventory across a range of drive systems to suit CAT and Komatsu trucks and also operate an industry-leading Wheel Motor Service Exchange service.

Awards and Recognition

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