CAT 789 – VALC Gear Improvements 

Up to 5X modelled life against standard gear design

When it comes to the longevity of wheel motors, a common issue is the wear and tear of gears. As the standard life cycle of wheel groups nears its end, visible signs of wear such as tooth surface deterioration (referred to as frosting due to a dull appearance from constant rubbing) and debris damage become apparent. However, rather than accepting this as inevitable, Valenhold has devised a solution to extend the service life of VALC branded gears by up to 5 times longer than standard gear designs.

Our approach begins with the steel casting process. Conducted in our onsite facilities, we have experimented with rinse times, effectively reducing impurities during forging. Moving on to the gear surface, our aim is to achieve the smoothest possible finish. Valenhold has reduced the N Grade surface finish on gear root profiles and involute tooth surfaces by over 50% compared to OEM specifications. Additionally, the hub tooth surface has been hardened to reduce wear and increase longevity.

In addition to material and surface finish enhancements, Valenhold has improved the gearing manufacturing grades according to ISO 1328 from Grade 6 to Grade 7/8, and according to AGMA2000-A88 from Grade 9 to Grade 12. Furthermore, we have enhanced the coaxiality tolerances of the gearing inner bore, surpassing OEM specifications by over 50%.

Why has Valenhold made these improvements to the VALC 789 Wheel group gears? Simply put, to make life easier for you, our valued customer. By increasing the life expectancy of gears in 789-wheel groups by up to 5 times that of other OEM gears, we are dedicated to providing products that meet and exceed your expectations.

For further information on our product improvements or other products within our VALC range, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team at

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