Solving Critical Rebuild Challenges at a Global Copper and Gold Mine

Solving Critical Rebuild Challenges at a Global Copper and Gold Mine

Valenhold was engaged by a global copper and gold mine client in Mongolia to support a critical rebuild program on a tight budget and timeframe. The customer operated an extensive fleet of haul trucks and relied on local support from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for maintenance and repairs. However, due to early and mid-cycle failures, the client faced the prospect of significant unscheduled equipment downtime and projected substantial budget overruns as a result.

To address the challenges faced by the mine, Valenhold worked closely with the site management team to develop a tailored solution involving parts, engineering, logistics, and processes. By redesigning and improving parts to eliminate known failure points, and offering innovative in-situ change-out and short lead times, we enabled the site to complete the unplanned fleet-wide mid-cycle program.

Our team listened closely to the needs and concerns of the mine’s management, and used this feedback to develop a comprehensive end-to-end solution that addressed their specific requirements. We also provided ongoing support and technical expertise to ensure that the program was completed successfully and on schedule.

Valenhold’s components exceeded the expected OEM service life performance by eliminating known failure points. The solution we provided was economically viable and plugged into the entire value chain from the manufacturer to the end user. As a result, we significantly reduced the customer’s acquisition costs over the equipment’s life cycle, enabling them to hit their availability targets while saving over $4 million.

Additionally, the in-situ rebuilding approach allowed the mine to avoid costly downtime and disruptions to their operations. By completing the program on time and within budget, the mine was able to maintain its production goals and avoid any negative impact on their bottom line. Overall, our solution delivered a win-win for both the mine and Valenhold, and highlighted the benefits of working closely with customers to develop innovative solutions to complex challenges.

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