Service Exhange Fleet

At Valenhold, we are dedicated to empowering your operations with minimal interruptions, ensuring that every minute counts. Our comprehensive range of service exchange wheel motors, including meticulously engineered sub-assembly components, is at the heart of our customer-centric approach. With VALC parts, we deliver improved performance whilst reducing your downtime through inventory availability.

Valenhold’s Service Exchange fleet includes the following models:

  • VALC 930E
  • VALC 830E
  • VALC MT4400
  • VALC 789

VALC Innovations: Driving Performance Forward

Our service exchange wheel groups are fortified with VALC innovative parts, engineered to elevate machine performance and extend operational longevity. These enhancements are crafted to diminish the frequency of changeouts and curtail maintenance expenditures over your machinery’s lifespan. We offer these pioneering VALC innovations for integration into customer-owned components upon request, ensuring that your equipment benefits from the highest standards of Valenhold engineering.

For insights into how VALC parts revolutionise performance, discover more here.