Specialising in mining services, Valenhold offers end to end solutions supporting mobile fleet operations. From in-country manufacturing and partnerships, component rebuilds and onsite support; Valenhold can offer a tailored solution to support your fleet maintenance needs. With exclusive access to high-quality proven parts and components, world-leading engineering, planning and procurement teams; Valenhold can support your projects no matter the size or complexity, enabling you to focus on your core business.

Looking to reduce life cycle costs, Valenhold offers unique capability enhancing solutions by combining the whole supply chain in one system. Utilising the latest in CMM and 3D scanning equipment, we work with you to deliver onsite re-engineering, redesigning and quality verification. Combined with our global manufacturing network, Valenhold will use its capability to deliver you a unique solution.

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Component rebuilds to support mining fleets.

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Parts & Products

Valenhold offers a range of products and parts direct or fully service supported.

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Quality Assurance & Verification

Robust, simple and effective quality inspection and verification programs that ensure products meet performance needs.

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Advanced Manufacturing

Bring the latest technology manufacturing to the mining industry.

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Capability to provide an alternative supply chain.

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Supply Chain Consulting

Utilising the experts in their fields to help your business with the right solutions.

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Engineering & Planning

Engineering and planning services to add, compliment or force multiply your current operations.

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Asset Management

Mining asset management consulting services.

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Strategic Partnerships & Advisory

Finding the right supply chain solution is about more than finding the lowest cost product.

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Valenhold is proud to announce that we have been named the Telstra Best Business Awards National Outstanding Growth Winner. We started our journey by offering strategic supply chain solutions to a number of Australian businesses as well as advising and market entrance consulting services to a significant HME equipment supplier. We have expanded and significantly increased value for our customers thanks to our unique understanding of supply chain dynamics and market drivers, particularly in the mining sector.

Since our launch, we have sold 100M worth of products and services to more than 14 countries around the world in our key product lines and have become the dominant supplier in key geographies in both Australia and internationally. In addition, we have expanded our core business lines to service the mining HME space as well as Wind Energy, Defence, Aerospace, and Operational Technologies.


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