VALC 830E Electric Traction Motors

Lower Bearing Cost and Higher Availability

As operational demands increase, electric cartridge (traction motor) overhaul intervals are extended to 30,000 hours and beyond, placing additional stress on internal components. However, limited availability of critical parts for rebuilds can lead to longer downtime, disrupting operations. To address this, Valenhold has redesigned the Non-Drive End and Drive End bearing housings in the VALC 830E Electric Traction Motors, ensuring motors can reach scheduled overhaul intervals and be rebuilt promptly, minimizing downtime. 

When investigating how we can minimize downtime, two key issues were identified: premature failure and parts scarcity due to long lead times. To address the first issue, Valenhold’s engineering team proposed the addition of extra seals and labyrinths to prevent moisture and debris ingress at the bearing housings. 

The second issue, concerning the short supply of parts from the incumbent OEM, required a different approach. While Valenhold aimed to retain the same bearings as the OEM (NUP and XL bearings), we explored modifications to eliminate the need for special insulating coatings. It was discovered that integrating insulation into the wheel motor housing achieved this goal, resulting in lower bearing costs and improved parts availability in the VALC 830E wheel motor. 

Valenhold have supplied over 36 VALC 830E cartridges in the market with over 680,000 operational hours, our team continue to review the evolving operational requirements against the original design to further optimise performance. 

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